How to keep your home safe when you go on holiday

The time has finally come to jet off on your summer holiday! Whether you’re holidaying abroad or hoping to catch the best of the UK summer, it is important to ensure that your home is safe and secure while you’re enjoying yourself, so that you don’t return home to any nasty surprises! Not sure how to protect your home while you’re not living in it? Have no fear, Nest GI are here to help!

Lock up, check and check again

While it may seem painfully obvious, the most important thing you can do to protect your home whilst you’re away is making extra sure that you’ve locked up properly. Insurance companies may reject your claim if you left doors or windows unlocked, so just as you ensure that you’ve got your passports for the hundredth time, also do a check of every door and window to make sure that they are all shut and locked – this includes sheds, garages and any other outbuildings!

Make your house look occupied

An obviously empty property is an easy target for burglars. There are a few telltale signs that can make it obvious noone is home, such as:

  • Post piling up or deliveries that are sat by the front door
  • Curtains staying open or shut
  • Lights that are never turned on or obviously on a timer
  • No cars on the driveway 

To ensure that you don’t experience a ‘Home Alone’ moment, it might be worth entrusting a neighbour, family member or friend with a key to your property, so that they can turn lights on and off, open and shut curtains and park their car on your drive.

Make sure to cancel any recurring deliveries, and try not to order anything to your home address that will be delivered whilst you’re away.

Hide your valuables

It’s a good idea to hide anything that is incredibly valuable or holds a lot of sentimental value, so that if the worst should happen, it is unlikely that a burglar would find it. Keys, jewellery and cash are all high-value items that are easy to steal, but when well-hidden – such as in a fitted safe – it makes the thieves’ job a lot harder.

Have an alarm system or security camera

Visible deterrents such as security gates, alarms or cameras can definitely reduce the risk of your property being broken into. Motion detectors and video doorbells are a cost-effective way of deterring criminals, and many of these have sensors that notify your phone when they have spotted someone on your property.

Don’t advertise your holiday on social media

While it may be tempting to make all of our friends and family jealous by posing your holiday snaps on Instagram, you’re putting a target on your back. If seen by the wrong people, these photos let people know that your home is unoccupied, giving thieves the green light to pop round and test their luck.

Save those snaps until you’re back home. A #ThrowbackThursday post is just as good!

Turn off any electricals

It’s not just a burglary that you need to protect your home from whilst you’re on your holidays. Switching off electricals (except from your fridge and freezer) whilst you’re away is an easy way of reducing your energy bills and preventing the risk of a fire while you’re away.

Turn off the water

Water damage can be expensive, and even a small leak can cause a lot of issues if left for a week or two. If no one will be needing it while you’re away, it’s a good idea to turn your water off at your internal stop valve.

If you’re on holiday for a long time

Most standard policies will not cover any damage that occurred to a property that was unoccupied for more than 60 days. If you’re travelling the world or away for an extended period, make sure to upgrade or change to a non-standard policy that includes unoccupied properties.

How Nest GI can help

We offer a range of different insurance policies that will ensure that you are covered for all eventualities while you’re away. Browse our products or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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